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E-Cognition Tutorials - Creo 2 - WF5 - WF4 - WF3 - WF2

Using Surface in Part Modeling - WF2 10/06

Learn a new and exciting way to build stability and flexibility into your models. Use basic surface features in a new way to capture design intent and strengthen your position for the inevitable changes.

Stump Part - Servo Cover - WF2 9/06 - Part 1
Part 2 - Part 3

This part looks simple enough . . . . Try it! It has stumped some of the most talented ProE operators. This tutorial walks you trough every step with some extras.

2-Slider-Crank Assembly - WF2 8/06

In twenty minutes you will cover Tips and Tricks for:
  • Extrude Tool - Protrusion and Cut
  • Sketcher - Dimension,Modify,Constraints,Lock Scale
  • Copy Special - What's that for anyway?
  • Chamfer - Single Edge select and Intent Edge Select
  • Assembly - Where two or more parts com together
  • Mechanism - Connections, Joints, Servo Motors, Analysis

BMX Feasibility Study - WF2 8/06

This tutorial shows you how to use the Feasibility Study within the Behavioral Modeling Extension in Wildfire 2.

  • Create a boat hull shape from scratch using a variety of curve and surface functions.
  • Use sketch curves, make-datum's "on the fly", curve through points, and re-discover the "two- projection" curve
  • Quick and easy surface creation using the boundary blend tool, 4 and 3 sided surfs
  • Set-up and execute analysis features in a meaningful way.

Basic Config Defaults - WF2 8/06

Learn how to change the Background Color or Desk Top and make it stay that way.
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Learn how to changing the Model Tree Defaults and how to make it stay that way.
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