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Chain and Track Assemblies - WF5 04/12

Often a chain assembly itself is merely tangential to your actual design effort. Nevertheless, the chain assembly cannot be ignored. An accurate representation of a chain assembly can be very challenging. Here is a suggested technique to develop a fully parametric vehicle track and/or chain assembly. This talk was recorded at the 2012 Pro/USERS Spring Event held at Richard Childress Racing, Welcome NC.

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Patterns and Family Tables Together - WF5 09/10

Family tables are typically applied to parts and/or sub-assemblies where the ”Same as except” rule applies. Though with patterns of features, the instances may vary greatly, with patterns of components the instances must be identical.

So, what if you need a pattern of components where each component varies with respect to their assembly?

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Managing Merged Simulation Models - WF5 06/10

Structural simulation early in the design process can lead to perspective solutions otherwise overlooked. When developing a welded assembly, managing a viable simulation model presents the engineer with a unique challenge. In the next ten minutes we'll explore a simple solution that provides design flexibility while at the same time maintains the integrity of the detail in the welded sub-components.

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Tubular Construction - WF5 05/10

Tubular design/construction is very common. Getting the tube cut list and the "Fish Mouth" definition right is a challenge by itself never mind keeping up with all the changes. In the next ten minutes see how to take control of these little troublesome details.

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Selection Nuance - WF5 03/10

Understanding the options, as well as the nuance of the selection process is critical to the mastery of any CAD tool. Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire accommodates a multitude of selection styles to suit the user. Today let’s see if we can shed some light on this often misunderstood, essential topic.

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Spinal Bend - WF5 02/10

Sounding a lot like a chiropractic adjustment, the Advanced Feature called the Spinal Bend remains one of my personal favorites! Powerful, flexible, and extremely robust this largely misunderstood feature deserves some special attention. Here you'll see two different uses of the Spinal Bend!

Spinal Bend Thumbnail

Dimensional Tolerance - WF5 11/09

Did you know that associated with every parameter there is both an upper and a lower tolerance parameter and value? Not only can these be displayed on the face of drawing but they also can be used in the design process. Learn here about Dimensional Boundary Studies!

Dimensional Tolerance

Datum Graph Feature - WF5 10/09

Most commonly used to drive the section of Variable Section Sweeps, the Datum Graph feature can also be employed to provide step functions in regular model development and, can be used to control elaborate transitions in the Curve from Equation function. Take ten minutes to explore what the Datum Graph can do for you.

Curly Spring

"Turbo" Pattern - WF5 9/09

Pro/ENGINEER provides fantastic flexibility with respect to Geometric multiplication or patterns of geometry.  These patterns, whether simple or complex, can sometimes adversely impact performance.  There are, as with most functions of Pro/ENGINEER, many options when creating patterns.  Find here how to speed up regeneration time as well as allow for great design flexibility with “Turbo” Patterns.

Turbo Pattern

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